New York + Food = Yum Yum Yum

I heart New York. I also heart food. So you put New York and food together and I am in heaven. New York houses some of the best and biggest-names in the food world, yet these often attract high prices and celebrity clientele. But from my experience, you can also have a unique, true New York food experience without breaking the bank. Below are some of my favourite food experiences from my time in the Big Apple.

Bagels, bagels, bagels
One of New York’s staple food groups, bagels, are the essence of every New York breakfast or snack. My favourite was a plain bagel, toasted, and smothered in cream cheese, and I mean smothered! But there are many other options you can choose from, including various flavoured bagels from cinnamon to blueberry, with every flavoured cream cheese under the sun, from dill to salmon.

Note: Recently, to my excitement, Melbourne received its very own bagel cafe. Of course I had to test it out as soon as possible. The verdict? While the bagels were delicious, there was not nearly enough cream cheese… I guess no one does it better than New Yorkers when it comes to bagels.


Mexican fiestas
Being one of my favourite food cuisines, I discovered several mexican restaurants and take-away joints during my time in New York. While located on the East Coast, it seems that New York still benefits from high-quality, tasty mexican dishes. With everything from enchiladas to tacos, washed down with a strong margarita, the mexican food culture is definitely alive and kicking in this magical city.


Say good morning with diner breakfasts
A popular location setting for scenes in TV shows and movies, the local diner that serves greasy bacon and eggs with black American coffee is a real thing in New York. During my time in the big city I frequented a few diners and everytime I went the food was fantastic, the plates overflowing and the meals cheap. Plus I often found the servers responsive, if a little solemn. Definitely a good way to start the day, if not with a cream cheese bagel.


Shake Shack extravaganza
Two words for delicious milkshakes, hot dogs, cheese fries and burgers: Shake Shack. One well-known joint located just down the road from Central Park, which often has a line out the door on hot summer days, this food favourite specialises in fantastic, truly American-style food. My favourite was a burger, fries with cheese sauce and a strawberry milkshake. If you get to New York, make sure you check this place out. You can thank me later.


Pizza as big as your head
A lot of people talk about New York pizza as some of the best and biggest in the world. I always thought this was an exaggeration. It is not! The pizza I had in New York was full of flavour, cheesy and very large in size. Plus one massive slice that filled my stomach for most of the day only cost around $3-$5. I have been to Italy, yet I can easily say New York has some of the best pizza I have ever tasted.


Cosmos, the best city cocktail
Okay, I know this isn’t technically a meal but I couldn’t resist mentioning one of my favourite cocktails. A true cliche (I’m sure by now you know I’m a Sex and the City fan) but still a definite treat when staying in the city. I enjoyed some cosmos while out with the girls one Saturday night and it was definitely one of my favourite experiences of the city. Plus, on the upside, at around $10-$12 a drink, cocktails are the same price as ordering a spirit with mixer in most standard New York bars or restaurants.


There are many more food opportunities to experience in the Big Apple which means this is definitely not the city in which to worry about calories or sticking to your latest diet.

Tell me about some of your favourite American inspired foods…


22 thoughts on “New York + Food = Yum Yum Yum

  1. internshipexpert says:

    Unfortunately I have never been in New York but your blog makes me very curious! And as I love food as well those insights are great! Whenever I think of American food, burgers come to my mind. What do you think is the best place for having them in New York? Rather a small local shop or one of the big chains? Ui, I really like Wendy’s by the way because once they had Pretzel burgers and as I was missing Pretzels a lot while I was in Tokyo it was the perfect offer for me!


    • Kristal says:

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂 I didn’t seem to find many boutique style burger joints in New York like we have in Melbourne but there are a lot of McDonalds and fast food places. Then again I barely scratched the surface on what there is to offer so maybe there are some places I missed. There are lots of cool little diners as well that probably serve up a mean burger. As for the best burger I had there… Definitely Shake Shack! Their food is crazy good and very “American”!! Yeah Wendy’s is pretty awesome too! I remember one of the fast food chains was offering cheesy deep fried dorito something or other, I was tempted to try it but refrained… But food is definitely one of the best things about New York and in fact, America! 🙂


    • Kristal says:

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah I found one on Columbus Avenue near the Museum of Natural History, so there must be more. I guess their burgers are so good that people demanded more outlets 🙂


  2. marhabaleb says:

    these meals look delicious. haven’t been in New York but I really can’t wait to plan my next trip and enjoy all the things you have mentioned. the cocktails look awesome! and good bye diet


  3. Rob D says:

    YUM! This post made me hungry!! The thing I possible loved most about my time in New York and the US generally was the amount of food. While it speaks volumes about their obesity problem, I didn’t care less while I was on holidays. I particularly loved the fact that a standard breakfast consisted of both bacon and eggs AND pancakes! Genius!


  4. cathlicence says:

    Great blog! I really want to go to NY. My in-laws are there at the moment and are just loving it. The combination of your blog and their emails are making me want to book a trip right now. Thanks Kristal, I have really enjoyed reading your experiences in NY.


    • Kristal says:

      Thanks for the comment! You should book a trip when you can, you won’t regret it! Hope your in-laws continue having a great time, it really is one of the most amazing cities in the world!


  5. TV Scheduler says:

    Wow i just want to eat your blog YUM YUM…. One of my favorite foods from NYC are the amazing range of Traditional Deli sandwich. i have tried Melbourne versions such as 5 Points Deli but nothing compares to a real NYC Deli sandwich


    • Kristal says:

      Ooh I didn’t get as far as an NYC Deli sandwich, will have to put it on my list for the next visit! Yeah I have found the bagels in Melbourne aren’t the same either, makes me miss New York so much! Guess it’s just another reason to go back.


  6. pets4apartment says:

    Great blog post. Bagels are one of my favourites too. There is a good bagel shop in Fitzroy (near Melbourne city) that do put enough cream cheese on them. It’s located on Johnson street near the corner of Brunswick street (at least I hope it’s still there)!

    I never got around to eating a slice of pizza as big my head while visiting New York. I missed out! Will try one next time (and the Cosmopolitan cocktails). So much to see, do and eat in New York.


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