The city that tells a story

New York City seems to have it all – hot summers, freezing winters with piles of snow, sports galore, shopping that could literally make you drop, as well as glamorous locations that are appealing to film and TV crews as picturesque backdrops for a variety of scenes. Continue reading


The parallels between baseball and life

You can’t have a New York summer without baseball. You also can’t have a New York summer without the Yankees. One of 30 teams in the pro league who are normally towards the top of the ladder, you either love ’em or hate ’em. Continue reading

Taking my first bite of the Big Apple

Landing in New York
The United Airlines seat barely contained me, the seatbelt loosening as I jumped up and down trying to grab my first glimpse of the amazing city I had heard and seen so much about through pop culture such as HBO fave Sex and the City, nearly ever rom-com film ever made and songs by Frank Sinatra, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift. The person next to me, a lovely lady from New Jersey, smiled and pointed out the window. Continue reading